Streakk’s mission is to shape the future of dezentral finance and web3
by maximizing the potential of cryptocurrencies.

The Streakk blockchain is a highly advanced blockchain
with unique features and capabilities.

The 3rd Generation Blockchain

Streakk is building a 3rd generation blockchain network with a low and predictable fee of only $0.0001 per transaction.
With transaction cost being one of the major hindrances for governments, big corporations and central banks looking to implement blockchain on a large scale, Streakk offers a super fast and secure solution.


This makes Streakk not only the fastest blockchain,
but also the only blockchain focused on financial transactions.


Customers can create their specialized blockchain over Streakk's main chain.
It will help developers create a specific, tailored blockchain without impacting the main blockchain.

Building a side chain on Streakk’s main chain offers increased flexibility and scalability while leveraging
the security and trust of the main chain.

Build your Blockchain on STREAKK

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